Maxi Hawaiian Jewelry

Shipping Policy 郵送に関する規約

General Shipping Policy:

LIMITED TIME ONLY (Start from 2/23 to TBA
For limited time, international shipping is free for purchase of $350 and more.

This shipping policy applies to address OUTSIDE of the United States only. Mailing of items WITHIN the United States, shipping is waived (or is included in the price).
For purchase under $600, the customer (buyer) is responsible for $39 shipping fee for mailing to address outside of United States with tracking (registered or Priority mail). For purchase over $600, the shipping fee is waived. This applies to purchase of items except Aloha Bracelets. See below for shipping terms regarding Aloha Bracelets.
In general, for purchase of Aloha Bracelets under 3 items the shipping fee is $9 for each items mailing to address outside of United States. For purchase of Aloha Bracelets over 3, the items are shipped WITH tracking (registered mail). In general, Aloha Bracelets are shipped WITHOUT tracking (not registered mail; only regular overseas mail is used with NO tracking) when the purchases under 3 items of Aloha Bracelets or the purchase amount under $280 for other items. For purchase over $280, shipping fee is waived and the items are shipped with registered mail with tracking.



送料$39で海外発送承ります。(トラッキングナンバー保証付) 合計金額が$600以上で送料無料となります。
アロハブレスレットは1つにつき、送料$9となります。(トラッキングナンバー保証なし) アロハブレスレットは3つ以上でトラッキングナンバー保証付の発送となります。