BRENDA and Maxi

The unique and extraordinary style of Hawaiian Jewelry is created from the collaboration work of a fashion model, Brenda and Maxi's artist, Howard Miao.

Brenda was scouted in Hawaii at the age of 17 and made a model debut in Japan. Since then, she gained a great popularity and achieved the place for the covers of famous magazines and TV commerce. She now has a family in Hawaii and working actively going back and forth between Hawaii and Japan.

Brenda and Howard went to the same high school in Hawaii and their friendship has continued ever since. When Howard established Maxi about 23 years ago, Brenda embellished Maxi's debut as a model for gratis even though she was already working business for her director in Japan.

The collaborative Jewelry is born after they have been working on for it more than a year. The merge of Brenda's unique and modern expression with her commitment, and Howard's certified jewelry making expertise, especially the detailed hand engraving skill present one of the kind Hawaiian jewelry.

Maxi Hawaiian Jewelry And fashion model Brenda worked on the design, and a collection of collaborations started.

Mr. Brenda is 17 At the age of her age, she was scouted in Hawaii and made her model debut in Japan. After that, his popularity soared and he appeared on many covers of famous magazines and in television commercials, and he currently has a home in Hawaii and is active while traveling between Hawaii and Japan.

Such Ms. Brenda and maxi owner Howard were classmates in Hawaii. I have been friends since I was a student, and when Brenda launched the brand 23 years ago, when she was already active in Japan, I was happy to take on the model of my debut collection at no cost.

And this time, such two collaboration Hawaiian jewelry appeared.

In fact, we have been conducting design meetings many times for more than a year now, and Brenda's commitment and the uniqueness of Brenda, who was born and raised in Hawaii and active in Japan, howard's skill and modern expressiveness combined with the birth of unprecedented Hawaiian jewelry.

Brenda and Howard, the personalities and ideas of the two, and the clever jewellery-making skills combined, made it into a special Hawaiian jewelry.