Maxi Hawaiian Jewelry

[Platinum] 3mm Round Tapered Ring*Made to Order*(Newest)

[Platinum] 3mm Round Tapered Ring*Made to Order*(Newest)


Design: Hand Engraved Hawaiian Old English Design(Maile leaves and waves)
              Tapered shaped rings have a wider width in front and a reduced thickness towards the back. The wider front shows off our beautiful engravings while the thinner back gives you more comfort while being worn.

Approximate Size: 3mm width, thickness 1.4mm

Material: Platinum

As our jewelry is all handmade, please allow 3-4 weeks to make in the case of the item being out of stock.

     タッパーシェイプ - 前面が幅が広く、後方に向かうにつれ徐々に細くなっていく形のリング。マキシの繊細な手彫りを美しく大きく見せる為の幅が前面にしっかりとあり、後方が細いため圧迫感がない付け心地。
サイズ: 3mm幅、1.4mm厚
素材: プラチナ