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[14K Yellow Gold] Mercury Dime Wrap Ring [Made to Order] (R0629)

[14K Yellow Gold] Mercury Dime Wrap Ring [Made to Order] (R0629)


Approximate Size: 20.0mm, thickness 1.2mm
Material: 14K Yellow Gold
Coin: The Mercury Dime was made in the US between 1916 to 1945, and it is told to be one of the most beautiful coin designed in the US. Design of the coin is often confused as Roman god Mercury, but it's young liberty with winged phrygian cap.

Since our jewelry is all handmade, it takes 3-4 weeks to make it in case of the item is out of stock.

サイズ: 20.0mm、厚み1.2mm
素材: 14Kイエローゴールド
コイン: 1916年から1945年に製造されたアメリカ合衆国の硬貨で最も美しいと言われている、高い人気を誇るコイン。ウィングド・リバティ・ヘッドと言われる自由の象徴であるフリジア帽を被った自由の女神のデザイン。