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[14K Pink Gold] 6mm Barrel Ring *Made to Order* (R0136)TRDSP

[14K Pink Gold] 6mm Barrel Ring *Made to Order* (R0136)TRDSP


Design: Hand Engraved Old English Design(Maile leaves, waves and plumeria flowers)
Size: 6.0mm width, thickness 1.5mm
Material: 14K Rose Gold

Option: Inside Message available HERE.

Since our jewelry is all handmade, it takes 3-4 weeks to make it in case of the item is out of stock.

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:オールドイングリッシュデザイン(マイレの葉&ウェイブ, プルメリア)
サイズ: 6.0mm幅、厚み1.5mm
素材: 14Kピンクゴールド

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