Designer Howard Miao became acquainted with Hawaiian jewelry through his ownership of a wholesale and retail jewelry company.  With a love for Hawaii and his life long passion for drawing, Howard instantly took interest in the tradition and design of Hawaiian heritage jewelry.

He acquired the extraordinary skill of designing and engraving techniques after years of studying under local craftsmen and jewelry artists.  His keen fashion-sense continues to push his jewelry designs to the next level, transforming the look of traditional Hawaiian jewelry and providing collections that are adaptable to a variety of lifestyles.  Howard’s attention to detail, fine craftsmanship and relentless aspiration towards innovation has inspired customers from all over the world to appreciate the intricate fine art beauty of Maxi Hawaiian Luxury Design.

Through evolving fashion trends and the many jewelry companies flooding the market, the constant need to emerge as the leading trendsetter is enthusiastically welcomed by Maxi jewelry. We are proud to offer an endless range of custom designs, fine metals, precious stones and rare finishes.